Bauer, Katy

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South Western School District
Director of IT
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Providing state tax credits and education savings accounts to enable parents to choose what school their child attends. S* I completely & fully believe/support that parents deserve the ability to provide their children with the best education - regardless of postal code.
2. Reserving girls’ sports exclusively for biological females. S* I do not subscribe to gender ideology. I believe that biological men and biological women were created differently, uniquely by God. Girls/Young Ladies/Women should not be forced to compete against/with individuals who were born genetically masculine.
3. Separating restrooms, locker rooms, and other privacy areas based on biological sex. S* I firmly believe that our job as parents, caregivers, and mentors is to protect the children placed in our care. By permitting biologically opposite youth to enter the wrong restrooms, locker rooms, etc., they are being placed in harms way. This is a sexualization of our children and grooming. I remember how uncomfortable the locker rooms were when I was growing up; I cannot imagine how anxiety-ridden these poor kids must be, knowing that someone right next to them was born with the opposite body parts.
4. Permitting students to discuss their Christian faith with others during non-class time on school premises. S* I believe in freedom of speech and religion. Children should never be ashamed or forced to hide their belief in God.
5. Allowing school personnel to refer students to abortion providers. O* I am unequivocally Pro-Life and have been since my first March for Life at age 12. I also do not believe school personnel should be giving medical advice to students.
6. Requiring signed permission (opt-in) from a parent before a student may participate in sex education classes or presentations on gender identity theory. S* I have been quite vocal about the lack of transparency in our district and the need for more parental/caregiver permission & awareness.
7. Increasing transparency by requiring videos or documents shown to students [which are not part of pre-approved curriculum] be preserved for easy review by administrator and parents S* I believe that parents/caregivers should have the ability to view any materials introduced to their child while at school.
8. Providing curricula that advocates critical race theory and its emphasis on defining people as oppressors or oppressed based on group identity or privileges. O* I believe the primary focus should always be Academic Excellence to ensure a quality education for all students. I believe that political agendas/ideologies should NOT be a part of school or school board decisions, policies, procedures, and/or curriculum. Furthermore, I believe CRT/SEL is inherently racist.
9. Requiring teachers to use "she" to describe a biological male student who identifies as a female, even if the teacher offered a reasonable alternative. O* I do not believe that anyone should be forced to participate in other people's gender dysphoria.
10. Specifying in school policy that materials containing visual depictions of people engaging in sex acts or explicit written descriptions of people engaging in sex acts is not age-appropriate for the school’s curriculum and libraries. S* I firmly agree that inappropriate material should never be permitted in a public school for children to access. It is highly inappropriate, and again, a sexualization of our youth.