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Dallastown Area School District
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Providing state tax credits and education savings accounts to enable parents to choose what school their child attends. U* I am not opposed to this, but need to be more familiar with existing laws regarding tax credits for educational savings accounts before committing to a position.
2. Reserving girls’ sports exclusively for biological females. S* That this is even an issue is beyond me. Girls are girls and boys are boys.
3. Separating restrooms, locker rooms, and other privacy areas based on biological sex. S* No student should be forced into situations where they are uncomfortable. We always hear about "safe spaces", but what about spaces that were always intended to be safe for kids based on their sex?
4. Permitting students to discuss their Christian faith with others during non-class time on school premises. S* The same people who are suing to allow after-school Satan clubs think kids discussing their faith in Jesus Christ somehow makes schools less safe. The passive acceptance of this has to stop.
5. Allowing school personnel to refer students to abortion providers. O* Full Disclosure: I believe abortion is morally wrong and should only be allowed in the event that a mother's physical safety is at risk, and in the case of incest. Teachers, administrators, school nurses, and guidance counselors have no business advising students on abortions, especially without notifying their parents. In the event of a pregnancy in a young lady under 18, parents need to be notified and discussion of the situation should be between parents, their daughter, and her doctor only.
6. Requiring signed permission (opt-in) from a parent before a student may participate in sex education classes or presentations on gender identity theory. S* Our species did not have sexual education until the 20th century, and not only managed to reproduce, but had much higher birthrates than we do at present. Students do not need education on reproduction until middle school at the earliest, and parents should be made aware well in advance, with the contact information of any teacher involved as well as ALL class materials and curricula easily accessible to parents so they can make an informed judgment call.
7. Increasing transparency by requiring videos or documents shown to students [which are not part of pre-approved curriculum] be preserved for easy review by administrator and parents S* Parents always have the right to know what goes on in a school. Kids spend a significant part of their waking hours away from their families at school. While most teachers and school personnel are worthy of that trust, it should never be given blindly.
8. Providing curricula that advocates critical race theory and its emphasis on defining people as oppressors or oppressed based on group identity or privileges. O* Critical race theory has no place in a classroom. All critical theory is just Marxism, and Marxism has no place in the United States.
9. Requiring teachers to use "she" to describe a biological male student who identifies as a female, even if the teacher offered a reasonable alternative. O
10. Specifying in school policy that materials containing visual depictions of people engaging in sex acts or explicit written descriptions of people engaging in sex acts is not age-appropriate for the school’s curriculum and libraries. S* There's a word for pictures and words that depict graphic sexual content: pornography. We would think it insane to have pornographic magazines in school libraries, so the idea that comic books, graphic novels, and "literature" aimed at children that contains graphic descriptions or illustrations of sex acts is appropriate is equally insane. Children do not need to be exposed to this. In fact, they need to be kept away from it altogether. There is NO REASON to expose kids to this. None. Anyone who says otherwise is deliberately trying to cause harm to children, and should read Matthew 18:6.