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Pa. State Representative / Fruit Farmer
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1. Should education funding be directed to families through a voucher, scholarship, or education savings account so that parents can send their children to the school of their choice, including non-public schools? Y* Parents know what is best for their children. They should have the choice where they want their children educated.
2. Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? N* Marijuana prosecutions for small amounts (1 oz. or less) should be moved from the Court of Common Pleas to the Magisterial District Courts. No one in Pennsylvania prosecuted for possession of 1 ounce or less goes to jail. They pay a fine usually between 50 - 300 dollars. Last session it cost tax payers approx. 40 million dollars for 2 million dollars in fines. While the justice system is not trying to make a profit, we need to do everything to save tax payers money and have the same results. Also, this would reduce the amount of hearings that are clogging up the courts in every county in Pennsylvania.
3. Should the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act be amended to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” which would require public schools and other public facilities to open up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex? N* Boys are Boys, and Girls are Girls. They need to be kept separate for everyone's privacy and safety. Boys who identify as a female, should not be allowed to participate in girls sports.
4. Should Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which would include a new carbon tax on electricity producers? N* Everything I have learned about this would require a loss of jobs, higher taxes on utility companies resulting in higher utility bills for the public, and may not work depending on the weather. This should be something the General Assembly should vet thoroughly and not allow the Governor to put this in place on his own.
5. Should increases in state government spending be limited to the rate of inflation plus population growth? Y* Most of the increases are contractile. Over the years, we have been able to meet these requirements and not raise taxes. We now have the most money in our "Rainy Day Fund" to offset possible deficits in future budgets while fully funding our schools.
6. Should our state constitution be amended to prevent taxpayer funding for elective abortions? Y* Life is precious!!! We need to protect the unborn.
7. Should all voters be required to show identification before voting? Y* We show identification for everything else. This would help put integrity in the voting system. We passed a bill last year that included voter ID. Over 70% of the public want Voter ID. The Governor VETOED the bill.
8. Should the state reduce police funding to increase funding for social services? N* We should never defund the police. Those cities that did reduce police budgets are finding out that crime has risen considerably, and they now are re-instating the proper funding to ensure public safety. I will not vote to defund the police.
9. Should public schools be prohibited from allowing males who identify as females to compete in girls’ sports? N* Women's sports was created many years ago to keep men from competing against women as they definitely have a biological advantage. Men compete against men and women compete against women. This keeps each sport on a level playing field.
10. Should schools have to post curriculum online for review by parents and taxpayers? Y* Parents have taken a renewed interest in the curriculum the schools are teaching their children. Property owners and parents are helping to fund the schools and should be able view the curriculum on line and then be able to go to a school board meeting to discuss curriculum. On line today is the way people communicate and obtain information. Parents know their children the best and should have input on what the school is teaching.
11. Should Pennsylvania municipalities be permitted to require a vaccine passport? N* While I believe vaccines are a personal choice, we do not get involved in policy's of businesses for employment.
12. Should the gasoline tax be permanently reduced? Y* The gasoline tax was passed prior to me being elected to the House of Representatives. If possible, we should reduce the gasoline tax, but remember if we do , we will have to make up the difference someplace else in the budget. The appropriations committee is currently discussing electric vehicles using the highways and possibly implementing a user fee as they are not paying any fuel taxes which maintain the roads. This would not include any farm machinery or vehicles not used for general transportation. I'm sure there will be a lot more discussion on this topic in the near future.
13. Should schools be required to notify parents of any sexually explicit content in books or instructional materials?