Kephart, Dawn

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School Board
Carlisle Area School District
School Bus Driver
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Providing state tax credits and education savings accounts to enable parents to choose what school their child attends. S* I believe parents are the best at knowing what their children need.
2. Reserving girls’ sports exclusively for biological females. S
3. Separating restrooms, locker rooms, and other privacy areas based on biological sex. S
4. Permitting students to discuss their Christian faith with others during non-class time on school premises. S* This is a basic right in our Constitution.
5. Allowing school personnel to refer students to abortion providers. O* This would be stepping on parental rights.
6. Requiring signed permission (opt-in) from a parent before a student may participate in sex education classes or presentations on gender identity theory. S* I believe schools need to be transparent on what they are teaching children.
7. Increasing transparency by requiring videos or documents shown to students [which are not part of pre-approved curriculum] be preserved for easy review by administrator and parents S
8. Providing curricula that advocates critical race theory and its emphasis on defining people as oppressors or oppressed based on group identity or privileges. O* We should not be encouraging racism.
9. Requiring teachers to use "she" to describe a biological male student who identifies as a female, even if the teacher offered a reasonable alternative. U* Need more information. There should only be agreement to referencing the non biological sex of a student, if the parent is informed and in complete agreement with that decision.
10. Specifying in school policy that materials containing visual depictions of people engaging in sex acts or explicit written descriptions of people engaging in sex acts is not age-appropriate for the school’s curriculum and libraries. S* There are laws that pornographic content can't be broadcast in normal situations. All schools should have policies in place that protect our students from pornographic materials. All materials should be age appropriate, as well.