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1. Should education funding be directed to families through a voucher, scholarship, or education savings account so that parents can send their children to the school of their choice, including non-public schools? Y* I am a co-sponsor of HB 1, and all OITC, EITC legislation. I will continue to support families and children who want to go to the school that best suits their child's needs.
2. Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? N* I lived in a state earlier in life (AK) that had legalized possession of marijuana up to 1 oz. It definitely diminished the quality of life in that area. I believe it is a gateway drug, and we should not legalize it.
3. Should the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act be amended to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” which would require public schools and other public facilities to open up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex? N* Both biological sexes have the right to privacy. There is an obvious difference between males and females that are God given, and we need to maintain that undeniable truth.
4. Should Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which would include a new carbon tax on electricity producers? N* PA should not be an importer of these kinds of resources. We have more abundant resources right here that we can use, keep rates and taxes low, and export for revenue sources. It is absolutely the worst initiative for our state to consider.
5. Should increases in state government spending be limited to the rate of inflation plus population growth? Y* I support the Taxpayer Protection Act. It keeps government from over-spending, or growing too quickly, yet still allows for supplementals voted on by the people, if needed.
6. Should our state constitution be amended to prevent taxpayer funding for elective abortions? Y* I am pro-life. Taxpayers should not be funding elective abortions. Doing this would also violate the Free Exercise clause of the 1st Amendment.
7. Should all voters be required to show identification before voting? Y* We show identification for everything, from purchasing alcohol to flying on an airplane. We should identify who is voting as well.
8. Should the state reduce police funding to increase funding for social services? N* We need law and order in our state and we should be funding our police. Our police provide many services that are vital to the security of our citizens.
9. Should public schools be prohibited from allowing males who identify as females to compete in girls’ sports? Y* HB 972 - I am a prime sponsor. Title IX should be upheld and women should be allowed to compete in their own category. It is the only safe, fair, and just way of competing. Competition is about biology and not identity, because bodies compete. Males are inherently bigger and stronger - they have larger hearts, muscles, and lungs, and no drug suppression or enhancement can change that.
10. Should schools have to post curriculum online for review by parents and taxpayers? Y* Schools, within reason, should allow parents to know and see what their child is learning in class. Parents need to become more involved to better understand what is going on in our schools and classrooms. With transparency, parents can ask their children questions; attend school board meetings; volunteer for school activities; and maybe even substitute teach. In lieu of this question as well, we need broadband expansion so parents and teachers can have greater access to help students.
11. Should Pennsylvania municipalities be permitted to require a vaccine passport? N* I am pro medical freedom. Somehow, under covid, we went from HIPPA to vaccine passports. In any event, we made it through in most states without them, but municipalities should not have that kind of power to intrude into anyone's personal health privacy.
12. Should the gasoline tax be permanently reduced? Y* The gas tax helped at the beginning, however, interstate travelers quickly figured out that they could gas-up in another state and make it through ours on one tank of gas. So, revenues fell. I believe we can come up with another source of revenue in this line item, to fix roads and bridges that don't require such a high tax and that doesn't require a toll on every busy bridge.
13. Should schools be required to notify parents of any sexually explicit content in books or instructional materials? Y