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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should education funding be directed to families through a voucher, scholarship, or education savings account so that parents can send their children to the school of their choice, including non-public schools? Y* I even support allowing home-school families to keep their students’ educational tax dollars.
2. Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? Y* Furthermore, it should not be regulated by government permits and licensing. Every government license is a restriction on our rights and marijuana is far less harmful to the human condition than alcohol, so there is no justification for requiring special permission to consume it.
3. Should the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act be amended to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” which would require public schools and other public facilities to open up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex? U* I think there must be a way that we can provide the protections for sexual orientation and gender identity without allowing students of the opposite sex to mingle in intimate settings. I think there are ways that such legislation can be revised that is clearly seeking to optimize the safety of all students. We must recognize that bad actors may seek to game the system for nefarious purposes and compose thoughtful legislation that seeks to avoid such problems.
4. Should Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which would include a new carbon tax on electricity producers? N
5. Should increases in state government spending be limited to the rate of inflation plus population growth? U* There is absolutely no reason to increase spending, at the very least we need to cut out waste and reallocate funding.
6. Should our state constitution be amended to prevent taxpayer funding for elective abortions? Y* We should codify restrictions on taxpayer funding for many things.
7. Should all voters be required to show identification before voting? U* I’m not opposed to such a policy, but it’s not a topic I overly concern myself with.
8. Should the state reduce police funding to increase funding for social services? U* I prefer our police not be used as a para-military force against the people, but I don’t ascribe to the currently popular extremes of “Defend the Police” or “Back the Blue.” I think that good police usually deserve to be paid more than they are currently paid, but I also believe we should work to end qualified immunity. My answer is probably “no” but I chose “Undecided” because my perspective doesn’t sit in one simple category or another as I think this question implies.
9. Should public schools be prohibited from allowing males who identify as females to compete in girls’ sports? Y
10. Should schools have to post curriculum online for review by parents and taxpayers? Y* You’re paying them to educate your children, full transparency should never be a problem.
11. Should Pennsylvania municipalities be permitted to require a vaccine passport? N
12. Should the gasoline tax be permanently reduced? Y* Taxation is theft, no entity deserves to be payment for a good or service that the buyer doesn’t want and/or deems inadequate. (The “entity” I refer to here is the government being paid in the form of taxes levied on transactions between two other parties.)
13. Should schools be required to notify parents of any sexually explicit content in books or instructional materials? Y* I think as a community we need to work harder to help those in opposition to this assertion understand that most parents in favor of it are speaking of clearly pornographic material; they’re not opposed to simple representation of other sexual orientations in educational discussion. This is a topic on which people are having a great deal of difficulty understanding each other, each side is assigning the other with (often inaccurate) intentions.