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1. Should education funding be available directly to families through a grant, scholarship, or education savings account so that parents can send their children to the school of their choice, including religious schools? N* Taking public funds for private schools negatively impacts public schools that are already significantly underfunded.
2. Should marijuana be legalized and sold commercially for recreational use? Y
3. Should the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act be amended to include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity," which would require public schools and other public facilities to open up restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex? U* This question is skewed and does not outline the act fully enough to state the whole story. I do support equal rights for everyone without exception.
4. Should Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which would include a new carbon tax on electricity producers? Y* Yes, what this question doesn't state is that the state would reap significant federal financial support and additional income if PA joins and would also help our environment which has been abused for many years by large corporations like the fossil fuel industry. We should not sacrifice our future generations for corporate wealth.
5. Should increases in state government spending be limited to the rate of inflation plus population growth? N* I believe in a balanced budget. A hard set rule does not afford the flexibility for a balanced budget as it may hinder or even add more than spending than is necessary.
6. Should state taxpayer funding be allowed for elective abortions? Y* Another skewed question meant to mislead a reader. There are many healthcare related reasons a women has an abortion, it is NEVER a decision that is taken lightly, just the same as any other personal healthcare decision that a person makes. All people including women have a right to make their own healthcare decisions, and if a person is on a funded health plan, that health plan should provide that person the right to make their own healthcare decisions.
7. Should all voters be required to show identification before voting? N* There are already built in checks and balances for voting. The goal should be to promote everyone to exercise their right to vote, not to deter people from voting.
8. Should striking union members have access to unemployment compensation? Y* If a striking member meets the criteria for unemployment, just as any other person qualifying for unemployment then they should have access.
9. Should public schools be prohibited from allowing males who identify as females to compete in girls’ sports? N* This population is small in proportion (estimated to be .6% in US), there is little evidence that there is a significant impact on a sport by allowing it, and if prohibited it is putting an already vulnerable group of people at more risk. This topic is being use as a smoke screen to hide more serious issues in our underfunded schools. Education and funding should be the paramount topic.
10. Should schools have to post curriculum online for review by parents and taxpayers? N* Interested parents and taxpayers already have many avenues to explore if truly interested in what students are learning. All public schools have public school board meetings, PTAs, parent teacher conferences, and most if not all teachers and administrators are available for scheduled appointments upon request.
11. Should funding for public and state-related universities follow the student rather than go directly to the institution? U